When’s the Right Time to Upgrade My Electrical System in Maroubra?

When was the last time you upgraded your electrical system? Chances are you haven’t done it in a while. You shouldn’t assume everything is alright; it’s important to have the system occasionally upgraded. A few decades ago, 60 amps were more than enough to meet the average American home’s needs. 


However, with more families using smart appliances, electrical systems need to transmit 100-200 amps. If your electrical system is still supplying 60 amps, it may be time to call the electrical services company to upgrade it. If you’re searching for affordable contractors in Maroubra, consider hiring Jolt Electrical. They have a credible reputation and don’t pass on their contracts to external servicemen. See their website at: https://www.joltelectrical.com.au/electrician-maroubra/. Before looking at signs you need your system upgraded, it’s essential to understand your electrical system.

How the Electrical System Works

Typically electricity enters a property through a single location and is fed into an electrical panel. The panel is equipped with circuit breakers that provide power to different parts of a home: the bedroom, kitchen, living room, among others. 

If your home is still using an old panel, it might not have enough circuits to handle your household’s current needs. 

As a result, it may heat up, causing the insulation on your wiring to melt and may lead to a fire. The individual circuit breakers may also shut off. So how do you know your electrical system needs an upgrade?

Tripping Circuit Breakers

The most common sign of a faulty electrical system is tripping circuit breakers. For example, you just fired up the toaster, but all the appliances shut off when you turn on the microwave.

The circuit breaker supplying power to your kitchen may be faulty and needs to be replaced with a new one. Be sure to consult professional electrical services too to determine the actual problem. Sometimes a simple circuit breaker swap solves the problem.

Flickering Lights

Several problems may cause the problem:

  • Fault wiring: It’s essential to determine if one light or all the lighting in your home is flickering. If the problem is affecting one light, the wiring could be faulty, but if all the lighting in your home is flickering, it indicates a severe electrical problem
  • An increased load on an electrical circuit: If the lights in one room dim when you turn on an appliance, it shows the wiring in the room’s circuit can’t handle the circuit’s demands. The wires may overheat, leading to a fire.

Electrical shocks

Some outlets may cause a mild tingling or shock, which means the wiring may be defective or was installed incorrectly. If that’s the case, the outlets pose a risk of electrical leakage that causes shocks when touched.

Hot Electrical Outlets or Switch Plates

If the switch plates or electrical outlets are warm or extremely hot, it may be time to call an electrical services company. The outlets may also produce large or frequent sparks indicating a faulty circuit or deteriorating wiring.

Extreme Reliance on Extension Cords

Most homes rely on power strips and extension cords to power everything in their homes. Upgrading the electrical panel allows you to add circuits and outlets throughout the house to reduce fire hazards caused by these appliances.

How to Upgrade Electrical Systems

The upgrade renders more power to your home and enables your electrical system to distribute power more effectively. When making panel updates, electrical services companies explore either of the following options:

  • Replace aged or damaged components
  • Upgrade the panel to supply more power from the utility to your home
  • Add circuits to increase the number of outlets in your home
  • Replace the circuit breaker and the meter with one that can handle more power
  • Upgrade the circuit to meet the current electrical safety standards
  • Replace faulty circuits

Benefits of Upgrading an Electrical System

First you have peace of mind because your home is protected from electrical hazards. Also, a new electrical panel increases a home’s resale value. With a new electrical system, you can add more expensive appliances without fear of getting destroyed.

Lastly, you enjoy lower electric bills in the long-run. While the upgrade cost is high, a safe electric system ensures your house uses electricity more effectively. It may also translate into lower home insurance costs.

Where Do I Go From Here?

If your electrical system has been exhibiting any of the signs highlighted, it may be time for that upgrade. Avoid performing DIY projects and hire electrical services professionals to avoid creating more problems. If you have any further queries, leave a comment below and our team will be happy to help. 

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